The Creatures

PTSD extreme fear, stress is another name for fear, is treated by acclimating, or getting used to, similar situations. Fear is just something I'm not used to yet, or fear of the unknown. What creates it, generally, is predicting the future that it is going to be awful and terrible, words that mean death causing, … Continue reading The Creatures



Birthday was cool. went to a swanky hotel for brunch, WALKED around downtown taking photos of gay people for pride parade, WALKED in the park taking fotos of folks, WALKED to a coffee shop.....walking, has been my gift to me, it was the scariest thing I have ever done at first, those wheelchairs are seductive … Continue reading Walking

Working Class Stupidity

Response to a comment: I think the point is, companies living off their slave workers. Interesting that you posted a photo of a coal miner like my father who died of lung cancer feeding his family with no after support or company health plan. We were hated by other working class families for living on … Continue reading Working Class Stupidity

Happy Birthday Gift To Me

Do you have a partner who loves you unconditionally and really understands you? Yes, its myself. Never lonely, never alone. A conditional relationship is called a business deal, a contract. once the contract is broken, it usually ends. That's why a relationship is unconditional. Unconditional acceptance, of self, others, and the universe. You don't have … Continue reading Happy Birthday Gift To Me

In Search of Fearlessness

When I was a day patient at the hospital, after my relationship with Edi, who passed away, getting initially grief counseling (religious nonsense as it turned out), then cognitive treatment, therapy for extreme anxiety that I had since I was 2 years old, they taught me how to cure it, it’s pretty easy and a … Continue reading In Search of Fearlessness

Being Liked

Post on Facebook I must be liked or else I am a failure, means I can’t be assertive to ask for what I want, because assertive people are often not liked. (by assholes). So I could become a doormat that spins round and round in the circle game of being held hostage by the fear … Continue reading Being Liked