Street Sausage

Image - SAUSAGE-MAKING, 1651 By David Teniers the Younger Saw an interview with “Photographer Matt Stuart (who) has been shooting on the street for over twenty years. In June 2016, he was announced as a Magnum nominee”[i], on[ii], a pay to play website where you can have them jury your images into a competition for 60 … Continue reading Street Sausage


mean mary

Someone posted her video on Facebook.  Enchanted, I read her bio, a survivor and recovering from a crash that left her vocal chords paralyzed. Paralysis is something I know a bit about, after having a stroke. Work hard, get better. Recover. Her parents taught her to read music by the time she was 3. I … Continue reading mean mary

The Case Against Religion – Albert Ellis

Before we can talk sensibly about religion—or almost anything else—we  should give some kind of definition of what we are talking about. Let me, therefore, start with what I think are some legitimate definitions of the term religion. Other concepts of this term, of course, exist; but what I am talking about when I use it is as … Continue reading The Case Against Religion – Albert Ellis

Hassles not Horrors

Letter to a new friend: Here is my narcissist resource: Here is my rational resource: I use this form alot but the entire site is helpful these are tools given to me at the hospital when going through loss of several loved ones simultaneously: Thank You Jerald Always. The major sting of … Continue reading Hassles not Horrors