Statement of Rights and Freedoms


Irrational Remedies

A certain anxiety a need to be liked The terror of not being liked Because being alone Is an attack consequence Shelter food employment all gone Agony of rejection and loneliness Indoctrinated terror of these consequences: F.O.G. Fear. Obligation. Guilt But a need to be liked is different in itself A need is an addiction … Continue reading Irrational Remedies

The Nutmeg of Consolation

I posted things like this on dating sites, hoping to meet someone with a sense of humour. About me: Art degree with a major in gynecology. I’m not a doctor but I’m willing to have a look. About you: You have sufficient musicality to be able to hum Summertime. You can view this handy instruction … Continue reading The Nutmeg of Consolation

Eddie Bauer can do better

I speak like a Klingon at times now. The narcissist (a lot of managers are) creed, overvalue, undervalue, dump: Went into my Eddie Bauer store in Chinook Centre on the weekend for the last time it would appear. This wasn’t my choice, the manager asked me to leave. After, you know, 40 years of shopping … Continue reading Eddie Bauer can do better

Street Sausage

Image - SAUSAGE-MAKING, 1651 By David Teniers the Younger Saw an interview with “Photographer Matt Stuart (who) has been shooting on the street for over twenty years. In June 2016, he was announced as a Magnum nominee”[i], on[ii], a pay to play website where you can have them jury your images into a competition for 60 … Continue reading Street Sausage

mean mary

Someone posted her video on Facebook.  Enchanted, I read her bio, a survivor and recovering from a crash that left her vocal chords paralyzed. Paralysis is something I know a bit about, after having a stroke. Work hard, get better. Recover. Her parents taught her to read music by the time she was 3. I … Continue reading mean mary