“makes liberal use of artistic license to significantly embellish or change the circumstances of real-life incidents by any means possible”

The theme of my work is an eclectic personal history, a narrative that explores the now, and the past, in an area where I grew up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, (The Duchy of Jerald, our experience is all we really own), in poverty, (as my father a coal miner, lost his life early to lung cancer), watching the accumulation of the vast wealth of the oil industry, it’s corporate structures and slavery to its very conservative American masters.


My visual work process is currently about the exploration of the creative potential of the digital medium, my depth of feeling and not at all about minutia, although technical knowledge is required in the craft of art, the chemistry of paint, my first love and education, for example, I am not pedantic about the ‘the integrity of the capture’. In order to get what I need as a professional artist, I am happy to screw with the pixels endlessly. 🙂


I suppose with the emphasis on feeling, that would make me some kind of personal history expressionist. I relate to Alice Neel, who as “A successor to the expressionism of Chaim Soutine, Edward Munch, and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Neel used distorted drawing and invented color to reveal the character beneath each sitter’s physical appearance(© Artsy)”


Cameras for me really are a delight, computers with a lens actually, as they handle the details, as does post production software, and larger computers, which I build myself.


I am vaguely interested in the settings of the machines, but mostly revel in the happy accidents of the technology of art, whether it is the chemistry of paint or the code of a flash presentation. To me, they are all ways to explore a fascinating digital medium while intuitively expressing my feelings in depth, and it’s impossible to predict the outcome. As Picasso said,“I begin with an idea and it becomes something else.” I am sure Duchamp would agree, embracing the randomness and unpredictability of life and death itself.


I abhor the stylization and the manufacturing of artistic ‘product’ for mass consumption, a process that kills creativity and art. Again, as Picasso said, “Art is not the application of a canon of beauty but what the instinct and the brain can conceive beyond any canon. When we love a woman we don’t start measuring her limbs.”


The joy of life for me is to live quite well with uncertainty. It is therefore important that I explore the creative potential of the medium through the (for lack of a better word) ‘accidental’ process. As Picasso said,”If it is known exactly what is going to be done, why do it?”


For me, one brushstroke/keystroke shows the way to the next; I’ll know it when I get there.


Jerald Blackstock 2016


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