Tears for a Saturday Afternoon

So. This reading on narcissism has helped to clean house of my sketchy friends. I mean it's OK  and desirable to put up with imperfections and idiosyncrasies in fact we love each other for our foibles not our perfections. Not only do I not have to be perfect, it's better if I'm not. The latest … Continue reading Tears for a Saturday Afternoon


Carol, my wife from a former time

The Love Bomber – Blackstock 2017   So. Carol, my ex-wife-rich-lawyer surfaced, donated 100 bucks to my gofundme. I had just, by chance, finished reading  A Shrink for Men by my favorite psychologist Tara, when it comes to the emotional fallout (devastation) of the lovely liars I have dated or married. Why do they lie? Well, they don’t … Continue reading Carol, my wife from a former time

Love Bombing

Tara, my fav shrink   Hi Tara, it’s been awhile, glad I found you after having a stroke then being discarded by FB for promoting my gofundme and not paying them for access. I’m recovering financially and physically. So, your fascinating work. Being a single introvert and lonely and horny, when I used to get … Continue reading Love Bombing

The Purpose of Life is Satisfaction

REBT Self-Help Form What is the situation that you are upset about? Answer: I was reading about the shame and guilt expressed by survivors of sexual abuse, and I started to think about my brother who recently attacked me on the web on my go fund me page, telling me to go on welfare What are … Continue reading The Purpose of Life is Satisfaction

Facebook the FriendlyFascist

Well, it’s goodbye to a complicated troubled relationship called Facebook. They have been kicking me off and on for years. Nudity was a problem, sexuality was definitely out as well. A series of bans led to total shunning. This last straw saw no reason why, but ‘unusual activity’, led them to lock me out and … Continue reading Facebook the FriendlyFascist

Goodbye Richard

Richard Halliday, deceased, my drawing prof, said Blackstock any idiot can smear paint straight out of the tube, add something to it. So, any idiot can take a good photo straight out of the camera. You have to edit it. "(An artist) makes liberal use of artistic license to significantly embellish or change the circumstances … Continue reading Goodbye Richard