When Digital Arrived I Became An Artist….

It’s interesting that I’ve been struggling with guilt over these damn conte charcoals, that I should use them or I’m not an artist.


They may have been essential to learn with and those that like them do beautiful work…..but I don’t like them. I feel like Bush senior, I’m the president of the United States and I don’t have to eat brocolli if I don’t want to.

Basically I’m impatient. I think. Or, I love the immediacy of digital. I love the undo-ability. I love the low cost of changing my mind. I love the backlit loveliness of the images on the screen. I love the phucking with philters in Photoshop. What’s new what will it do..? I’m like a kid at Christmas.

Computers fascinate me. I look forward to the newest latest greatest. In 1990 I talked with a friend about wouldn’t it be great if the world was connected and we could make and show art on computers. Two years later I was back in art school learning to do just that. For 6 years. Loved every nerdy minute too.

Images were free on the net then, to learn on, but to copyright the work required a camera to capture my own images. Down that rabbit hole I went of megapxels, lenses and high tech cameras.

I was home at last.


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